The Wing

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Emma Peckerman has dreams and aspirations like most kids her age. Someday, she’d like to make a friend, eat a meal, and maybe even pass third grade.

But one fateful day, a bag of chicken wings is thrust upon her. Among the herbs and spices of the recipe that begot them hides a terrible secret. A stripper’s ghost has placed a curse on these wings, and whoever eats them soon meets an untimely and violent demise!

Will Emma be able to resist the finger-licking temptation? Will Jolene wreak the vengeance that will finally put her soul at peace? Will you ever feel safe opening the microwave again?

Be warned, this is not a tale for the faint of heart or weak of bladder. After reading this shocking tale of horror, you may never want to eat a dead stripper’s chicken wings ever again.

For those of you brave enough to continue, always make sure your wings are thoroughly cooked. Otherwise, they might give you salmonella or campybacteriosis. They might even give you… Shingles!

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