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Welcome to Homeschooling and
Oils (formally known as Lakeshore Academy Ideas).
I provide information, tips, ideas, consulting and encouragement for Homeschooling and Wellness. I develop plans through my consulting tailored to your unique homeschool. I catered to your individual child’s learning style and abilities for success. I also share my families wellness journey on how we keep our emotions balanced, promote focus, and concentration. Keeping us above the Wellness Line. I have experience working with children with Learning Delays, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, OCD tendencies, and
Emotional/ Behavioral Challenges.

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☺️We use Plant-Based Products to naturally balance our bodies overall wellness. We use Exercise, Diet, Plant-Based Products, Foods, and getting rid of harmful chemicals in our home to support or Emotions and Wellness.

♥️I am a big advocate for building up your children’s’ confidence through positive reinforcement. Teaching them the way that they learn and not the way you feel it should go.

www.tinaramsay.com for Homeschool

www.myyl.com/tinaramsay for Wellness


$$ I Alert you to Free and discounted quality curriculum and give you outside the box ideas for teaching. We do many FREE Giveaways by us or through companies for our loyal subscribers!

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