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Every month is Black History Month! Watch my new song “Black Women in History” Instrumental and Lyrics available for purchase:

Black history is the story of you and me
Black history goes way back for centuries
Black history did not start with slavery
Black history 365 not just February

Cuz actually we celebrate black history everyday
Now let’s break it down and add a little bit of sauce to it

Our story begins in Africa
Where the very first human that lived are from
Along the Nile big civilizations
Like Egypt and Kush in Nubia
We already know about the pyramids
Built by blacks not aliens
The African empires were glorious
For their knowledge in science and medicine
Studied the stars astronomy
Made the calendar in 4000 BC
Math, Religion, philosophy
Europeans came to study, ask the Greeks
So many pharoahs, kings and dynasties
Even women were rulers treated equally
Look around cuz we’re all brothers and sistas
Cuz we all have an African ancestor

Here in America
History books only mention blacks as slaves after the 1600s
But there’s more to the story

There were many black people in America
Before the Spanish and European conqueres
The mali empire sailed the Atlantic
They went to Mexico to trade with the Mayans
They brought corn back to the African lands
Do your research youll understand
1000s of black folk sailed the seas
To discover new lands on epic journeys
But fast forward to the 17 hundreds
When the colonies fought for the independence
From the UK remember Paul fever
Rode on a horse said the British are here
Well there a was black guy riding on his side
Named Wentworth Cheswell he rode thru the night
There were even black politicians
Joseph Rainey in the house of representatives

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