The Ripper Legacy (Order of the Black Sun Book 39)

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After a search for an artifact turns into a bloody mess, David Purdue finds himself conducting a rescue mission on the streets of London with his most trusted colleague, Dr. Nina Gould by his side. As they learn more about the failed expedition, they discover that their latest challenge centers on a knife that once belonged to the infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper.

As they avoid the weapon’s sharp edge, they learn that the blade holds secrets that were stained in blood long ago. When the rescue mission takes unexpected turns, Purdue must do what he can to fend off former allies, a modern day serial killer, and the knife itself. Something dwells in the shimmer of the Ripper’s blade, something evil, and its sights are set on Purdue and the Order of the Black Sun.

Meanwhile, Sam Cleave finds hope in his imprisonment and must put his trust in a former enemy if he has any chance of freedom …

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