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Onyx Kids Shiloh’s School Dayz: The Sealed Locker

Price: $5.56
(as of Mar 02, 2021 06:57:23 UTC – Details)

Welcome to Cornerstone Middle School where Shiloh and his friends have started middle school. What starts out as an uneventful day quickly spirals into the first of many mysteries and adventures to come. Shiloh, Evan, Max, Desirae, and Roxy team up to solve the mysteries together using their combined smarts and skills with help from Evan’s crazy gadgets. In book one, Shiloh is assigned a new locker but notices that the locker next to him happens to be sealed off. As he and his friends try and find out what is inside, they are told to keep away by the teachers and staff. This only makes them more curious and more determined to get to the bottom of it. But they may have a bigger problem than they imagined! Something is crawling through the cracks of the sealed locker that leaves them shocked… Onyx Kids School Dayz is a new series that chronicles the funny middle school adventures of Shiloh and his friends. The awkward growing pains that every kid can relate to are combined with a new mystery each day to unravel. Onyx Kids books are a spinoff of the original Onyx Kids that can be found on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.