Onyx Kids School Days: The Spooky Cipher

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(as of May 12,2021 08:50:21 UTC – Details)

In book six, an unwelcome intruder is leaving spooky ciphers in Evan’s secret lab. These mysterious messages come at a time when the class is getting ready for the Charlie Cheese Pumpkin Flavor Eating Contest. The students have been tasked to find the best pumpkin flavored recipes and they do not disappoint. From pumpkin slushies to pumpkin edible slime, the class is in for a real treat or a real fail. Can Shiloh and his friends help Evan figure out who the trespasser is and what they want before it’s too late?

Welcome to Cornerstone Middle School where Shiloh and his friends work together to solve mysteries using their combined smarts and skills with help from Evan’s crazy gadgets, all while trying to navigate the ups and downs of friendships and crushes.

Onyx Kids School Days is a new series that chronicles the funny middle school adventures of Shiloh and his friends. The awkward growing pains that every kid can relate to are combined with a new mystery each day to unravel. Onyx Kids books are a spinoff of the original Onyx Kids that can be found on Onyx Flix and YouTube.

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