Luvay Piezo Acoustic Pickup, Contact Microphone Transducer for Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Mandolin, Banjo, Cello, Kalimba etc. (EndPin Jack)

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Price: $32.99
(as of Oct 25,2021 13:35:11 UTC – Details)

Product Description

For : All kinds of acoustic and classic guitars,ukulele, cajon, mandolin, banjo, Volin and other acoustic instrument
This is an all hand-made wooden piezo pickup, which pickups the vibration signal of the body of your instrument, turn the vibration signal into electric signal. It comes with Two Transducer Pickup System High Mid and Low frequencies separately from different location of your instrument. The pickup body is made from Cheery Wood and Mahogany, the different vibration parameters make the distortion noise mostly gone. It‘s very easy to install outside of your instrument with seamless gum and it needs no battery.

Quick Connect installation

You can test to find out the best position and remember it, different location makes different tones, you can choose where you like most
This way of installing is quick and easier.

Another way of installation

The endpin has a 6.35mm jack made of Brass copper,take the original endpin out of your guitar, drill a hole (about 12mm) through the bottom your guitar, then assemble the endpin into the hole.
This way of installing can hide the cord and endpin.

Package include

1 x pickup
1 x jacket (leather)
2 x cable holder (plastic)
4 x double side sticker

Includes 1/4″ Endpin Jack
Pre-wired, No Soldering Required
High Output – No Battery Required
Easy to install, can be sticked near sound hole with self-adhensive, which can be reused

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