Joseph Bologne Le Chevalier de Saint-George: The first black classical composer a.k.a. the black Mozart (a black history book for children)

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“I have been writing about African and African Diaspora history for a long time, but I remain inspired by the youth. And rarely have I been more inspired and excited as I am about this current work by such a youthful author on one of the most fascinating personalities in our history.

It is a wonderful work and I am so very proud of the author!

God bless you!  And may this be only the first of the many fine works that you are destined to gift to us!”

Runoko Rashidi, Historian

Product Description

★ We’ve all heard of Martin Luther King Jnr., Rosa Parks and George Washington Carver, but not many have heard about the multi-talented Knight of Saint-George.

Doesn’t ring a bell? Keep reading!

From his birth to his death, this book will take you back in time to the 18th century on a journey through the life of Joseph Bologne Le Chevalier de Saint-George, the first black classical composer. Focusing on the major talents and key life events which shaped him into a melanin-powered super-star!

This amazing book is authored by an 8-year-old little girl who wished to bring forgotten and hidden black history personalities back into our everyday consciousness.

An amazing story of an outstanding man to remember during black history month. 

 Don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to dig deeper into black history by purchasing this book on Joseph Bologne Le Chevalier de Saint-George today! 

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