Inspirational Quotes From African American Leaders in Black History

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Hi There, it’s Regina, bringing you more words of affirmation in the form of Inspirational Quotes from African American Leaders in Black History. With all that’s going on in the world right now surrounding racism, I thought it was only fitting to remind us of those who have been champions of change throughout the years and to reflect on their powerful words and to bring some focus to the significance of the conversations that we are having in the present day. Racism runs deep for black people and while those who are not black can never understand our struggles unless you’ve walked in our shoes, truly listening to what our experiences have been throughout history, not only with slavery, but beyond that abolition, is key to the first step in comprehending the pain, anger and frustation you are seeing displayed today.

Listen now to my voice as I bring you words of inspiration through the wisdom and insightfulness of our leaders and game changers from my black history.

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Inspirational Quotes from African American Leaders in Black History

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