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For Beautiful Black Boys Who Believe in a Better World

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“Dad, what happened?”
“Why are they shooting?”
“What is this vigil for?”

The shootings keep coming, and so do Jeremiah’s questions. Dad doesn’t have easy answers, but that doesn’t mean he won’t talk about it—or that he won’t act. But what if Jeremiah doesn’t want to talk anymore? None of it makes sense, and he’s just a kid. Even if he wants to believe in a better world, is there anything he can do about it?

Inspired by real-life events, this honest, intimate look at one family’s response to racism and gun violence includes a discussion guide created by the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky, a multicultural center and museum committed to promoting respect, hope, and understanding.

A portion of the publisher’s sales proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations that facilitate the empowerment of Black communities.

From the Publisher

How Can You Change the World?

racism; anti-racismracism; anti-racism

Inspired by real-life events, For Beautiful Black Boys Who Believe in a Better World encourages hopeful forms of activism and advocacy in response to racism and gun violence. Includes a discussion and activity guide by the Muhammad Ali Center.