Cam-A-Lot Work from Home Video Conferencing Dual-Sided Webcam Background Privacy Green Screen Chair – Green Screen for Zoom Background – Virtual Background for Chair – Chair Green Screen

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Price: $89.00
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Product Description

Cam a lotCam a lot


Keep it Professional

Work from home means more video conferencing than ever. In fact, virtual meetings of all kinds are becoming more commonplace, from online education to trade events and conferences.

Technology allows us to work, learn and meet virtually but keeping a professional environment can still be a challenge.

No Distractions

The Cam-A-Lot video conferencing privacy screen eliminates all distracting background visuals, making you look more professional so you can relax and be productive.

Its dual-sided design allows you to chose a white background, or a green screen to enable virtual backgrounds.

Cam-a-lot Features

57″ width at head height

Dual-sided: white and green.

X-strap design allows use with most chairs

Easily folds and collapses for storage

Dual fabric layers prevent light leakage

Backgrounds look sharpBackgrounds look sharp

Backgrounds Look Sharp

Virtual backgrounds look clean, clear, and sharp with no break-up and no background light thanks to dual-layered fabric design. Shot on an actual conference call.

Eliminates all distracting background visuals

Making you look more professional and less worried about what others may see behind you. With its unique X-strap design, the Cam-A-Lot easily slides onto practically any chair and completely blocks out your background.

Dual Sided

One side is white for a nice clean look, and the other side is green to use as a green screen on which you can project a virtual background. Notably, it uses two layers of fabric to ensure that light does not bleed through from behind.

Wide Coverage

At it’s widest the Cam-A-Lot is 57-inches wide, at head-height, making it perfect to block out the view from a webcam lens. The improved dual-layer design ensures no light bleeds through allowing for accurate chromakey-ing and the use of virtual backgrounds.


When not in use the Cam-A-Lot collapses and folds down to a much smaller 22-inch diameter and can be stored inside the included tote bag (see the included video on how to fold your Cam-A-Lot). This makes the Cam-A-Lot super portable so you can have your background privacy screen wherever you may find yourself working, gaming, streaming and video conferencing.

Folding InstructionsFolding Instructions

Folds into a convenient travel size quickly and easily!

Hold Cam-A-Lot upright with your stronger arm over the front as shown in step 1
With your stronger arm, begin pulling that side towards the other
As you pull, use a twisting motion
As you continue twisting, the bottom of the Cam-A-Lot naturally collapses upwards. Continue twisting…
…Until the Cam-A-Lot has fully collapsed into a circle. Insert into included travel bag.


57 inches at the Cam-A-Lot’s widest point. The Cam-A-Lot is wide. Make sure you have space for a product, especially if your chair swivels. It may not work well with L-shaped desks.

Fits Most Chairs

The Cam-A-Lot’s X-strap helps it to fit and stay on almost any chair back, but it may still need adjusting for a perfect fit. If your Cam-A-Lot tilts back on your chair, place a book or other thick item in the pocket at the bottom of the screen to push the Cam-A-Lot forward.


Lighting can have an effect on how well virtual backgrounds are displayed by your device. Uniform lighting in a room will work best.

Camera Placement

The Cam-A-Lot works best when your camera is at, or close to eye-level. Raising up the height of your computer, tablet or phone will help fill up the view of the camera with the wider section of the Cam-A-Lot.

Wide Angle Lenses

The Cam-A-Lot may not fill up the view of cameras with wide-angle lenses. It will work well with most laptop, tablet and phone cameras

Works With Phones, Laptops, and Webcams







🔃DUAL-SIDED WEBCAM BACKGROUND: With an easily swappable white and green fabric, makes the perfect background for zoom meeting. Use white for a clean, discreet look or use green for chromakeying virtual backgrounds. For best results, use with good lighting.
💺FITS MOST CHAIRS UP TO 30.5 INCHES ACROSS: The unique X-strap design allows the Cam-A-Lot to slide onto almost any chair back easily, up to a width of 30.5 inches. A storage bag is included.
✅EASY TO STORE: Easily folds and collapses down to 22″ diameter and stores in included tote bag when your not in use. See the inlcluded video for simple instructions on folding up your Cam-A-Lot. If the Cam-A-Lot is dusty, simply wipe with a cloth.
😎NO LIGHT BLEED: Uses two layers of white and green screen fabric on the screen to ensure that light does not bleed through from behind. Please ensure a tight fit on your chair green screen to keep the Cam-A-Lot upright.
📏DIMENSIONS: 57″ width at head height is large enough to block out backgrounds from most laptop, tablet and phone cameras to create a virtual backdrop for chair. Most effective when the camera is at, or close to, eye level. Please note that a camera or phone equipped with a wide-angle lens will need to be placed closer to you. May not work well with L-shaped desks.

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