Black Inventors for Kids!: Amazing African American Inventors Who Changed History (Important People in Black History)

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We have all heard of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, and other famous inventors.

But you may not know that throughout history, black inventors have also made significant contributions to almost every facet of life through their creations.

You might be shocked to discover some of the many incredible things that African Americans have invented, including the gas mask, the three-way traffic signal, and even the world’s most powerful computer chip!

In addition…

…a black surgeon performed the first open heart surgery.

…an African American inventor helped Edison improve the light bulb.

…a black chef came up with the world’s first potato chip.

…a female African American doctor invented a breakthrough surgery to remove cataracts from people’s eyes.

…a black architect even helped design the city of Washington D.C. back in the 1700s.

So scroll back up and download this easy-to-read children’s book that reveals many more astounding inventions created by African Americans throughout history.

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