Baby Girl: The Novel

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From Boyz n the Hood to Baby Boy, we’ve heard the stories told from the black male perspective. But what about the women who hustled along side them? Those girls who went just as hard, if not harder?

Sage is living the fast life with her homegirls Nesh, KiKi and Shay, dating Dope Boys and having fun when life hits her hard and she’s left fractured with no clear way as to how to pick up the pieces. Things have changed forever and there is no going back, only forward. Sage doesn’t know anything other than the life she’s lived, and she’s ill-equipped to undertake a new journey with the cards she’s been dealt. She finds that the more she tries to do things different, the more she ends up two steps behind only to end up in the same place.

BabyGirl is a nostalgic trip down memory lane about Sage aka Ali, who is not your average girl from the hood. She’s smart, wise beyond her years, and knows there’s more to life than what she’s seen growing up. But, Sage also likes the finer things in life, and doesn’t mind hustling to get it. She just doesn’t want to end up dead or in jail like so many others from South Central, Los Angeles. Yet, that’s exactly where she will end up if she doesn’t use her street and book smarts to alter her lifestyle and avoid an almost certain fate.

C.Darayl Howard is a hot new writer reminiscent of Toni Morrison and Terri McMillan, who are also her inspirations. Her knack for writing "REAL" fiction books, draws readers in and keeps them hooked. Take a look at the reviews to see why BabyGirl is the book urban fiction lovers don’t want to miss.

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