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African-American Inventions That Changed The World: Influential Inventors and Their Revolutionary Creations

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A considerable amount of the world’s most influential inventors have been African-American, which is a fact that is often overlooked.Throughout history, African-Americans inventors have played a pivotal role in creating revolutionary inventions that has impacted our lives in various ways. These pioneers have contributed to the fields of medicine, agriculture, science and technology, to name a few.In the 1800’s, many of these innovators were born into slavery and were not allowed to acquire a formal education, they were faced with countless obstacles and had to triumph over many adverse conditions. Nevertheless, these inventors have made significant contributions to the World.African-American men and women have left their mark in both American and World History. Many of their innovative creations would not exist today if it wasn’t for their brilliant minds and creative ideas.The incredible inventors mentioned in this book have collectively created over 500 inventions. They represent some of the amazing men and women who have impacted our lives through their intelligence and ingenuity.