Tiger Woods' Former Mistress Just Broke Her Silence

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For Tiger Woods, the year 2009 marked both the height of his career and the year everything went downhill. He played in 19 tournaments, finished in the top 10 in 16 of them, and won seven. But at the same time, he was also addicted to sleeping pills, painkillers, and sex. Tiger Woods was living a reckless life, hooking up now and then with porn stars and also keeping an affair with his girlfriend, Rachel Uchitel, a secret from Elin, his ex-wife.

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As mentioned in the bestselling biography titled “Tiger Woods,” everything fell apart on that Thanksgiving that year, when the National Enquirer uncovered Tiger’s cheating. The tremendous emotional fallout along with escalating back pain kept the golf icon in the wilderness for about 10 years before the latter’s mind-blowing win during the 2019 Masters.

A lot more is revealed in, Tiger, a two-part documentary offering a revealing look at the rise, fall, and epic comeback of global icon Tiger Woods. The series paints a marvelous, intimate picture of the prodigy whose obsession and dedication with golf not only took his fame and success to new heights but also downed a spiraling, dark road that led to an unmatched sports comeback, culminated by the heroes’ victory during the 2019 Masters. Stay tuned to this video to know more interesting facts about Tiger Woods, the documentary, and Tiger Woods’ former mistress, Rachel Uchitel, breaking her silence about her illegitimate affair with the golf star.

Tiger Woods’ Former Mistress Just Broke Her Silence


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