‘This Is Beyond Bullying’: Texas Teen Allegedly Bullied By Middle School Students

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A investigation is underway by Plano, Texas police department and school district are looking into shocking allegations of bullying and abuse involving middle school students.

SeMarion Humphrey’s mother, Summer Smith, told CBS DFW 11 she has reported incidents to his school for months, however, the most disturbing incident took place at a sleepover last month. Smith posted a video on Facebook accusing her son’s classmates of forcing her 13-year-old son to deink urine. The mother claims the sleepover was put together by the kids to bully him.

Smith says one of the students befriended Humphrey a month before to get him to go to said sleepover. She claims it was that night he was shot with BB guns, hit in his sleep and called racial slurs.

“How horrible must you be. This is not a prank. This is beyond bullying. You are evil, they are evil,” Smith said about the accused students during a press conference. She says Humphrey has been harassed, degraded and physically and mentally bullied by students at his school. The news station reported dspite making reports, she said she didn’t receive help from staff members.

“When you say there’s nothing you can do, what do you mean exactly? Because it seems to me that there’s plenty you can do…” Smith said. “It was premeditated and obvious that SeMarion was only invited for their pure entertainment.”

Police said they will conduct a investigation to identify any criminal offenses along with the school district.

In an statement on Friday, the district said, in part: “Due to legal restrictions regarding the confidentiality of student information, Plano ISD is unable to release specific student information, but it can confirm appropriate measures were promptly taken to protect the victim and to investigate the allegations. Plano ISD does not condone bullying, harassment, and/or threats against any student. It is the District’s hope and expectation that all parties work collaboratively to create a climate of mutual respect even in the midst of disagreement.”

Protests could be seen in front of Haggard Middle School Friday afternoon, with students and parents calling for change.

“This is going to change, and I mean that,” Smith said.

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