The Seafood Queen of Harlem – Street Food Icons

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Chef Tami Treadwell, known as “The Seafood Lady” to her customers, serves up soul food and Black excellence to the people of Harlem with her food truck Harlem Seafood Soul.

Chef and owner Tami takes as much pride in her passed-down recipes as she does the NYC neighborhood where she was born and raised. Known for her garlic butter shrimp and creamy grits, fried mac and cheese bites, fish tacos, and seafood po’ boys, Tami serves to her beloved community at the corner of 7th Avenue and 125th Street. Harlem Seafood Soul is the first and only solar-powered, eco-friendly food cart in the area– just one aspect of her business that Tami is honored to bring to her neighborhood. The three-year-old food cart has become a fixture in Harlem, and Tami’s love for the food, people, and history of her uptown community inspires her to keep going.

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