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Ted Talk – Wes Hall – Why Black Male students Are Failing Academically

This Ted Talk is based on the findings of a 12-year ongoing independent research project conducted in multiple classrooms, during the school-day, side-by-side with certified teachers, across school districts.
Since 2007, the Institute for Student Empowerment has conducted one of the most extensive in-depth independent research projects on the subject of poverty and its impact on education. The project measures the attitudes and behaviors of students who emanate from economically challenged environments, and their natural inclination to see education as a means to obtain future financial independence. The study is ongoing and uses classrooms across the country (currently contracted with the Los Angeles Unified School District), to further its studies. The Institute worked with students for 3 years identifying recurring patterns of behavior contributing to tune-out, disengagement, absenteeism, and dropout. After said years, the Institute created a 15-question survey designed to elicit empirical data from students regarding the subject matter (do students who emanate from economically challenged environments see education as a means to financial independence)?
You can find a sampling of our findings here.