So Many Celebs Loathe Tyra Banks, And Now We Understand Why

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You can’t please everybody, no matter how “flawsome” you are, just ask Tyra Banks. By most standards, her career has been a roaring success: she’s successfully managed to parlay a lucrative modeling portfolio into a glamorous media empire. Still, there’s no shortage of celebs who have a bone to pick with the America’s Next Top Model mastermind, even though we already know what Banks has to say to her haters:

By the time their doomed daytime talk show FABLife premiered, co-creators Banks and Chrissy Teigen had been plagued by rumors that a feud was brewing. In 2015, Page Six reported the two were “barely speaking” to one another. A source told the publication,

“You never put two supermodels on the same show together.”

The insider further claimed that alleged tensions were sparked by their ten-year age difference. Then in 2016, Radar Online reported that Teigen had banned Banks from attending her baby shower. A source told the tab at the time,

“All the rumors of behind-the-scenes drama are true. Those two absolutely hate each other!”

Apparently, eye contact had become a challenge, too. The insider added,

“Tyra never even looked at Chrissy when they weren’t filming. It was tense.”

However, Teigen appeared exasperated by the suggestion there could be animosity with Banks, taking to Twitter to say,

“I dunno if you guys know how bosses work, but if Tyra and I were fighting as hard as you’re saying, I would be the one off the show.”

A compelling enough argument, except that soon after she made the comment, everybody was off the show, as FABLife was canceled in 2016 after just one season.

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