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‘Slavery Ended Over 130 Years Ago’: Herschel Walker Speaks Against Reparations Bill During Hearing

Former NFL star running back Herschel Walker, 58, recently spoke against a bill that would give the path way for reparations for descendants of slaves during a House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday Feb. 17. Walker, who’s a supporter of former President Donald Trump, said that “atonement” wouldn’t help Black people according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

House Democrats have reintroduced a bill that established a federal commission to study the impacts of slavery bring redress to the economic, educational and health disparities.

“The government must account for its ongoing role in perpetuating, supporting and upholding white supremacy,” said Rep. Cori Bush during the hearing. Walker, was one of several people who spoke at the hearing, said reparations aren’t necessary in 2021 and race relations are improving.

“My religion teaches togetherness. Reparations teaches separation,” he said. “Slavery ended over 130 years ago. How can a father ask his son to do prison time for a crime he committed?”

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, has been reintroduced for 30 years but has always been unsuccessful. President Joe Biden has expressed his support for the study of reparations for descendants of slaves.

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