Simple DIY Cozy Family Movie Night at Home

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Want to have a cozy movie night at home? I’m sharing some tips in this post sponsored by my friends at The Home Depot. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

movie night at home

Movie night is our thing. We started a tradition years ago where every Friday night we would watch a movie as a family before bedtime. From childhood favorites to traditional classics and new releases, we watch everything. We’ve been keeping the tradition going and with all of the latest tech we’ve been able to make movie night even better.

Thanks to our friends at The Home Depot were able to take our cozy movie night at home to the next level. They literally have all the smart home gadgets you could want for the perfect movie night. If you’re wanting to create your own cozy movie night at home, here’s a few tips for success.

movie night essentials

Steps to Prep For Your Movie Night at Home

Prepping for our movie night used to take a lot longer than I liked. Making snacks, finding a movie and setting up a cozy area is how we prep for our movie nights. Follow these easy steps to get ready for your family movie night.

Step One: Set a reminder with your Google Assistant

I love using our Google Nest Hub to set reminders for my family. It takes the guesswork out of remembering when we have activities planned. Setting a reminder is easy and once it’s time for our movie night, Google will alert my family through our Google Nest Hub.

google nest hub
mother daughter movie night

Step Two: Create a cozy seating area

My kids can never decide where they want to sit during movie night so it’s important for me to transform our living room into a cozy space that’s comfortable no matter where they choose to sit. It’s almost guaranteed they won’t sit in the same spot for the entire movie. To set up the space we pull out a few blankets and loads of pillows because it’s also guaranteed that at least one person is falling asleep during movie night. Fairy lights placed throughout our space create the perfect ambiance for our night.

Step Three: Make your snacks

A movie night isn’t complete without snacks. We like to make fun little snack boards and have popcorn on deck to snack on throughout the movie. Having snacks on hand cuts down on how many times my kids ask me to get up to get a snack for them and make the movie more enjoyable. If you want a fun snack board idea you can ask Google to find you one that your kids will love.

movie night snacks
DIY Cozy Movie Night at Home

Step Four: Check the sound

One of the most important things when watching a movie is the sound of course. With our Sonos One Gen 2 Smart Speaker we’re able to have an amazing theater experience right from the comfort of our living room. Speakers can be paired together or even with a Sonos soundbar for amazing surround sound. The compact speaker compliments our home so perfectly and with Google Assistant built in it makes things so much easier. We can adjust the volume without even moving an inch.

google nest hub
sonos speaker

Step Five: Secure your home

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had movie night and fallen asleep. After falling asleep during the first few movie nights my husband and I started a routine that is a must for us before starting our movie.

Securing our home.

I know you’re probably wondering what in the world does home security have to do with your movie night. Everything. When we fall asleep during movie night that means that our kids are doing one of two things: they stayed awake to watch the movie or they fell asleep with us. If you’re a parent you know that it’s usually the first. We decided that it probably was a good idea to get a little added security for our house so we can be alerted in case anything ever happens. Even though we’re always in the same room, you never know what might happen. We might have an unexpected guest or a surprise visitor.

The Home Depot has literally everything we need to prep and secure our smart home for movie night and simplify our family life. Shopping online and in-store is easier than ever. After a little research and a quick trip to The Home Depot to pick up a few smart home essentials, we came home to install a Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Stick Up Cam. I love that the Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Stick Up Cam alert us on our phones of any motion at all. Two-way audio allows us to communicate with anyone at our front door or within range of the cameras. With a little extra added security, we feel so much better about our movie nights.

ring video doorbell
google chromecast with google tv

Step Six: Pick your movie

We would spend so long searching through DVDs or on TV for the perfect movie to watch in the past. Now with our Google Chromecast with Google TV, we can easily find a movie using Google Assistant. All we have to do is say “Hey Google” and say what movie we want to watch. The remote makes it easy for the kids to scroll through all movie titles on literally any service you could imagine (some services require a paid subscription). I love that we can link our Disney+ and Netflix accounts to make them easier to access. There are so many family movie titles that you’ll never run out of movies to choose from.

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