Malcolm X, self-proclaimed leader of new "black nationalist" party, urges negroes learn to use firea

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(12 Mar 1964) 00/00/64 a0003742
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new york — malcolm x, self – proclaimed leader of new “black nationalist” party, urges negroes learn to use firearms, negroes (f – l – ex jap aus kbs – plus bbc euro f) should takes steps to defend themselves, and that is why i believe rifle clubs should be est.

nx 29352, “malcolm x”, shows (1) ms, malcolm x, 6 secs; (2) reporters, 2; (3) malcolm, 3; (4) ms, man with muslim hat, 3; (5) sof intvw malcolm, 1:04.
(47 ft — 1:18, shot 03/12/64)
new york: malcolm x told a news conference that negroes must be taught how to use weapons to defend themselves under attack.
nxo 3716 “malcolm x” shows: mrs malcolm speaking: reporters: side view malcolm x: listeners wearing fez: sof malcolm x tells the aims of black nationalism:
(shot 03/12/64 76 ft)

pol parties – black nationalist
x, malcolm – sof
racism – us

gottlieb / 47 ft / 16 neg / d1955
76 ft / 16 neg / story
300 ft / 16 neg / cuts /

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