Jackson, Mississippi water crisis battle continues with many residents still without water

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Water distribution continues in Jackson, Mississippi as Jackson residents battle the water crisis caused by last week’s record low temperatures according to WAPT.  Earlier this week, the Pocahontas Volunteer Fire Department was in Jackson distributing over 6,000 gallons of water to people who are having a tough time during the current water shortage. The fire chief has said he will continue to give people nonpotable water as long as it is needed.

Local resident Dr. Eloise Forinadarger told the news outlet, “Not being able to flush our toilets is not good at all… I’ve never been without water before. Have y’all ever been where you couldn’t flush the commode?”

“I was going to the grocery store and I was buying water to drink and water for the commode. I was spending like $22 every two days for water,” said resident Ladonna Bolden. Some residents are thankful for the water they are getting. “It’s not anybody’s fault, it’s just a situation that came that we have to deal with,” said Dr. Forinadarger.

The governor of Mississippi Tate Reeves said he’s dispatching the National Guard and more tanker trucks to the state’s capital city to help bring an end to a water crisis.

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