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How Black High School Students Are Hurt by Modern-Day Segregation | NowThis

Students at Block High School in Jonesville, Louisiana, are still facing segregation and inequality every day at school, more than 50 years after Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement.
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More than 50 years after Brown v. Board of Education ended school segregation at American high schools and public schools, African American students are still suffering in a modern-day version of segregation. There is no doubt that education in America is not equal for all, especially when you compare education in America vs other countries. Take a look at public schools in America and you’ll see there is still school segregation today. Despite the Civil Rights Act of 1964, racism and inequality are everywhere in the U.S. We went to Catahoula Parish and Jonesville, Louisiana, to visit Block High School which is feeling the effects of modern segregation. School facilities are dilapidated and full of mold. Teachers are forced to teach subjects they know nothing about. With a predominantly Black student body, it is economically and racially segregated. Just 13 miles away is Harrisonburg High School in Harrisonburg Louisiana which is the polar opposite. It’s mostly white and has ‘beautiful facilities.’

For more information on education in Louisiana, go to On national level, go to, a nonprofit committed to bringing common sense and fairness to the way states fund public schools.

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