Gretta Jackson goes from part-time server to owner of Michigan Outback Steakhouse Franchise

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A part-time server at an Outback Steakhouse restaurant for around 20 years is now the owner and managing partner of a franchise location in Roseville, Michigan.

Gretta Jackson is the first Black woman to own an Outback Steakhouse in the Detroit metro area. Jackson was 18-years-old when in her first semester of college when she had a child. At the time to provide for herself and her daughter she decided to get a job at a local Outback Steakhouse restaurant in Southfield.

The past two decades, Jackson has went through a lot and making many sacrifices. In February 2021, she finally became achieved her goal of ownership. After sharing the news in a Facebook post and the world quickly spread with hundreds congratulatory messages from all over the world.

“What started off as what I thought was just a simple post to celebrate a milestone in my life quickly turned into something else,” Gretta told Fox 2 Detroit. “I could never have imagined [that] so many people would come to say hi and thank you and congratulations to me in person. I’ve had people send gifts, flowers, Edible Arrangements to the restaurant for me. Just an overwhelming amount of love and support.”

Jackson says she’s glad to be an inspiration to Black women all over the world, especially her daughter.

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