Frank Sanchez Musicals Suicide Prevention PSA 2017

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((This video takes place right before the opening of a show. The scenes are various places backstage as everyone is preparing in the last few minutes before the curtain rises.

Soft piano music plays underneath

Fade in to a backlit sign that reads “Theatre Stage Door”

Transition to an actress back stage with black curtain behind her. She is in a black and white polka dot dress rehearsing lines while pacing.

“…and thrice his head thus waving up and down, he raised a sigh so piteous and profound…”

Actress freezes and turns to camera as she says,

“50 percent of all people who commit suicide use a firearm kept in the home”

Actress resumes pacing.

Transition to dancer practicing steps. She is in a black dress with her hair in a bun. She is at the barre and looking in the mirror. She stops her dance and speaks into the mirror, stating,

“Experts believe that most suicidal individuals don’t want to die. They just want to end the pain they are experiencing.”

The dancer resumes her dance steps.

Transition to the stage manager, wearing all black. They are running across the screen, looking for dish props. They grab plates and bowls and turn towards the camera. They place the props on a table in front of them making some clattering. They say,

“Did you know that in the United States one person commits suicide every 11.9 minutes. Experts also know that suicidal cries tend to be brief. When suicidal behaviors are detected early, lives can be saved.

They turn to leave the frame and yell,

“Two minutes to places! Two Minutes!”

Transition to director. He is outside the theatre, wearing a suit and tie. He is about to enter, and is on the phone with the stage manager,

“Yea, remember the specialty comes on, then wait four beats, and then bring the lights down to zero.”

He puts down his phone and looks at the camera and says,

“There are services available for the assessment and treatment of suicidal behaviors and their underlying causes.”

He picks up his phone and says,

“Make sure to hold the curtain!”

Transition to the composer in a black suit and tie and is seated behind a piano. He stands up from behind the piano and says,

“It is estimated that five million people in the United States are affected by a suicide. September 10th through the 16th is National Suicide Prevention Week. This year’s theme is Take A Minute, Save A Life. Please join Frank Sanchez Musicals in supporting suicide prevention.

Fade out to a screen of text. The text reads “If you or anyone you know needs help please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text 741741”

Fade to another text screen that reads “The Lifeline provides 24/7 support, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.”

Fade to a final text screen that reads “Take A Minute Save A Life”

Text fades as does music.



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