Detailed Michael Jordan analysis: using new data to gauge his impact | Greatest Peaks Ep. 6

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Support at Patreon: – Just how good was Michael Jordan at his peak? This video uses brand new data to compare his impact to the other all-time greats. Was he an outlier? Could he guarantee a championship? And how good was his defense?

This is the 6th episode in a series on the greatest peaks in NBA history (focusing on 1977-2020), featuring detailed scouting reports and film breakdown on the best players in NBA history at their best, along with analysis of their impact using historical data & stats to size up the highest peaking players ever.

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Ben Taylor is the author of Thinking Basketball, a Nylon Calculus contributor, creator of the Backpicks Top 40 series & host of the Thinking Basketball podcast.

Stats courtesy: @bballport

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Footage in this video is owned by the NBA and its partners. It is intended for critique and education.

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