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Episode 6 of a 10-part TV series made by Dr. Maya Angelou for KQED in 1968 called Blacks, Blues, Black!, which examines the influence of African American culture on modern American society. Includes scenes of Dr. Angelou in the studio reflecting on how education has the power to transform or destroy the lives of African Americans and emphasizing the need for new approaches to teaching in “ghetto schools.” She states: “The man who controls education controls the future, as well as the past.” Also features views on location of: traditional and modern forms of education in Kenya; students at the Martin Luther King School in San Francisco being taught using James Brown material and singing songs in support of Black Panther leader Huey P. Newton; an interview with Mrs Ines Andry and Welvin Stroud at the Martin Luther King School and lectures by Dr. Robert Edgren at Mills College and Leo Bazile at Cal State Hayward. This episode was written and produced by Dr. Maya Angelou and directed by Robert Hagopian.

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