Black Coaches Matter – POI – Austin Dean Ashford

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AFA 2016 Program Oral Interpretation ( POI ) CHAMPION! Wiley College Great Debater Austin Dean Ashford demonstrating a Pi Kappa Delta and American Forensics Association Championship performance of Interpretation. Austin’s Senior Project is a dedication to his high school forensics director Dr. Tommie Lindsey Jr. and the founder of his college forensics program Melvin B. Tolson. This special performance occurred at my High School James Logan High school in front of my high school coach Dr. Tommie Lindsey Jr. in my old practice room of 408 and i was able to share this piece with 40 black freshmen boys. I pray they can see what Black coaches do for black boys future.

In 2007 the film “Great Debaters” highlights a Historical Black College University, Wiley College defeating a predominately white institution, Harvard in the academic activity of debate. The film setting was in 1930’s during the Jim Crowe era when racial tension was extremely high. However, the film was fabricated in order for cinematics to have a box office hit, leaving many critics oblivious to the sacrifice of a mentor, debate coach, and teacher Mr. Melvin B. Tolson. Tolson was able to created and develop the next generations civil rights leaders. In a world where americans fear ignorant violent black youth there must be an example of black excellence. As an 8 year competitor of this activity who has benefited from mentors during times of countless incarcerations and mass murders we must know that African American role models make a difference. So i dedicate this to the teachers who sacrifice it all for us.

Credit of literature is in the introduction. Thank you for hearing my senior demonstration on speech. May you forever be inspired to speak and be a voice for the voiceless!


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