Video footage of Chicago police violent arrest at the center of lawsuit, man says he did nothing wrong

The Chicago Police Department are at the center of a lawsuit around footage of an arrest. Leroy Kennedy IV was arrested in 2020 where he claims the incident left him traumatized. Kennedy spent four days in jail and was charged with aggravated battery to an officer, but he says video of the incident shows police were the aggressors.

Body camera footage captured video, however, no audio of the incident. The video is now being used in the federal civil rights lawsuit.

“It left me feeling traumatized. Man, I ain’t gonna lie. You get nervous. You get even more nervous once you see the police,” Kennedy told ABC Chicago 7 .

Kennedy says he was walking to a store last August when two Chicago Police officers ran up to him, forced him against a brick wall and smashed his head onto the sidewalk multiple times.

“I told him like ‘Sir, I’m not resisting. I just want to get my glasses,’” Kennedy said. “He slammed me again thinking I’m resisting.”

The video seems to show Kennedy wobbling as he’s led away in handcuffs. Kennedy was left with a concussion as well as cuts to his face and hand and wrist injuries.

In a police report, officers claim they confronted Kennedy because he had “a shocked look on his face” when he saw police. Then officers say they believed Kennedy was “attempting to conceal a firearm.”

However, no weapon or drugs were found. After supervisors arrived, the officers appeared to nothing to say according to the news station.

“The police couldn’t even pretend he did anything,” said Christopher Smith, Kennedy’s attorney. “So you have a police report which gives no description of a crime and no reason for approaching him, other than his bulging eyes.”

All charges against Kennedy were later dropped.

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