Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas for Your Family

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Valentine’s Day breakfast is the perfect way to show your family how much you love them. There’s nothing like a special meal to start the day of love. With these Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas your family is sure to have the sweetest day.

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Valentine’s Day Breakfast

I love spending Valentine’s Day with my family. There’s something about making every moment special that we have together. On weekends, breakfast is one of the meals that we have together and it’s absolutely non-negotiable. I’ve been super obsessed with my mini heart shaped waffle maker and my kids have been loving it too. I wanted to start a special tradition just for us by making dishes that I know my family would love to start our day. It’s the little things that make days like Valentine’s Day even better.

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What’s on OUR Menu

My family is super particular about what we eat when it comes to breakfast. They don’t like to venture off from our regular menu too much to try new things which is perfectly fine with me because it makes cooking a lot easier. I typically prep scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage and waffles or pancakes. Since I bought a new mini heart waffle maker my family has been loving homemade waffles. I really think they just are in love with the heart shape. You can make so much in your waffle maker. Here’s a sample menu of what we would have for our Valentine’s Day breakfast:

Essentials for Your Valentine’s Day Breakfast

valentine's day breakfast essentials

There’s a few things that I love to have on hand to make our breakfast.

  • Heart shaped waffle maker
  • Mixing bowl
  • Whisk
  • Skewers
  • Air fryer
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Give these Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas a Try

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Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas

Create a waffle bar

Waffle bars are so much fun. You can set out your favorite toppings like fruit, nuts, syrup, Nutella or whatever toppings your family loves. This makes it easier for your everyone in your family to have their waffles exactly how they like them.

Set a Valentine’s Day themed table setting

The table setting sets the whole mood for your Valentine’s Themed breakfast. Keeping it simple is key. I love to put out placemats or coloring sheets for the kids while I’m prepping breakfast. Heart shaped plates and napkins are my favorite touch. If you’re not wanting to buy new plates just for the occasion that’s totally fine too. White plates or whatever plates you have on hand work perfectly fine for a table setting. It’s more about creating an experience and spending time together than whether or not you have fancy plates or tableware.

Make breakfast smoothies

Breakfast smoothies are filling and a great addition to breakfast. If you’re making smoothies you can skip serving a lot of the other breakfast items. When I make breakfast smoothies I like to serve them with cinnamon rolls and bacon, a simple and easy breakfast.

Cut strawberries into heart shapes

Heart shaped strawberries are a favorite of Trevor’s. Cut the strawberries using a knife. You can use them for plating, as toppings for your waffles or even put them on your smoothie straw for a sweet accent.

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