Top 10 Black Actors of All Time

Top 10 Black Actors of All Time
Black actors are among the best-paid professionals in Hollywood today. They are guaranteed to bring in the money for the films that they create. The following list is a presentation of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Each person on this list represents black America and their achievements on television, stage and the big screen. Here is a presentation of the top 10 black actors of all time. Morgan Freeman is not only the best black actor but also the best actor in Hollywood. Take a look at his resume-The Shawshank Redemption, Bruce Almighty, Million Dollar Baby, The Dark Knight etc..M+97
First let me start by asking how the hell did Cuba Gooding Jr. Get in the top ten of this list? And also Morgan Freeman is the #1 reason why I can believe God is black.M+68
Morgan Freeman is by far the greatest person on earth, hands down.M+66
Morgan Freeman in Invictus; really good movie
10. Will Smith
9. Chris Rock
8. Charles S. Dutton
7. Ossie Davis
6. Louis Gossett Jr.
5. Danny Glover
4. Forest Whitaker
3. Samuel L. Jackson
2. Denzel Washington
1. Morgan Freeman


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