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Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, is an investor and has been investing in various start-ups that he sees would make the world a better place. Alexis is looking to make a better future for his daughter, Olympia Ohanian and that is one of the reasons he is investing.

In a recent interview, Alexis spoke about why he is investing in various companies. One reason is that he wants to be as inspirational as his wife, Serena. He wants his daughter to hear the great things her mother has done as well as about her father.

“In 10 years, she’ll be a snarky teenager, and she’ll have had people her entire life, telling her how amazing her mother is right total strangers will say your mother changed my life. I’m very proud and happy that, but I’m also very competitive and I’m like alright people need telling you about Papa too”.

“My goal there is do this work now it’s Venture Capital with 776 to do this work as thoughtfully as I can because it’s something I’m good at.” Through his investment firm, Seven Seven Six, Ohanian has invested in over 15 companies. He has certainly helped founders of those companies which work in various different sectors.

All the investing has come at the thirst of getting an approval from his daughter, Olympia in the future. “I think probably the highest leverage way I could spend the next few decades, to empower founders support founders to build businesses that have far-reaching impact that is helping create a better world for her, where I can feel like this is really important I want this to exist.

This is a 10 year, 15-year plan to impress my daughter. We’re, we’re early into it, but I’m really proud of the team we’ve built so far I’m proud of the investments we made.” Both Alexis and Serena have strived to boost start-ups. For example, they have led the effort of investing in a new NWSL franchise Angel City FC, along with several other celebrities.

“Serena Williams is amazing. I love her and you know, she is such a fierce competitor, but she is such a great friend. And she really, you know, is like a big sister to me. And it’s really great that when you need someone, I know who to call and she is like the best person to call,” Caroline Wozniacki said in a recent interview.