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Russell Westbrook Congratulated This Reporter On His Promotion In A Heartwarming Moment

Russell Westbrook Congratulated This Reporter On His Promotion In A Heartwarming Moment

Russell Westbrook shared a heartwarming moment with a reporter after the Los Angeles Clippers took down the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday. Bally Sports West reporter Rahshaun Haylock approached Westbrook after the win and started to ask the normal interview questions.

“Russ, what do you…” Haylock started to say before Westbrook interrupted him.

The Clippers star, however, was actually more interested in talking about Haylock getting promoted to sideline reporter at Bally Sports West.

“First of all, no. Congratulations to you, bro. First night tonight, give a round of applause for my boy [he’s] been doing this for a long time. Congratulations, brother,” Westbrook said, putting his arm around Haylock and giving him a rub on the head.

Haylock responded with a beaming smile and said, “Appreciate you brother.”

Westbrook was all smiles as he proceeded to answer Haylock’s interview questions after the home win for the Clippers, who have emerged as one of top teams in the NBA.

“The fans were great tonight, shoutout to you guys. You guys are amazing,” the NBA All-Star said as the interview played over the PA system at Arena. “I’m so proud of our team.”

The fans responded with cheers throughout the interview.

“Russell Westbrook MVP,” one fan’s sign read.

Haylock wrapped up the interview by congratulating Westbrook on the win. According to Haylock’s LinkedIn page, the veteran journalist has held several roles in sports media. Haylock spent some time with the NFL Network, working as a production assistant. He also worked as a reporter for KTLA and Fox Sports West. Additionally, the southern California native works as the play-by-play voice for the Los Angeles Sparks.

Westbrook has received some criticism throughout his career for being brutally honest with reporters when they ask interview questions that he doesn’t like, but he clearly has a great respect for Haylock.

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