Postpartum New Mom Gift Basket DIY

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Not sure what to give the new mom in your life? Show your love and appreciation by putting together a special postpartum new mom gift basket with this easy DIY.

new mom gift basket

When we give birth most of the gifts we’re given are for the babies, but what about us mamas? A postpartum new mom gift basket is the perfect solution. It’s filled with gifts that any new mom would love and that will help her recovery that much easier.

Postpartum New Mom Gift Basket DIY


It’s easy to make your very own gift basket to give to a new mom. Making sure that it’s filled with useful tools and gifts is so important. Some of my favorite things to include are snacks, nursing essentials like a breastfeeding pillow, a baby carrier and small activities to help mom pass time during their recovery.

Bringing home a baby is overwhelming and exhausting but if you’re wanting to put together a postpartum gift basket then here’s a few things you should include.

Baby Carrier: I love gifting a baby carrier because it was so helpful to me when my kids were little. I could get so much done when baby wearing and traveling with a baby was a lot more pleasant when I had my baby carrier on hand.

Nursing balm: Whether a mama decides to breastfeed or bottle feed, her nipples will still be sore. Including a nipple or nursing balm can help soothe her nipples.

Water bottle: Moms have to increase their water intake while they’re nursing. A large water bottle is the perfect addition to a postpartum gift basket. Something that has a large filling capacity, a straw and is dishwasher safe is ideal.

Books and magazines: I always like to include some reading material for mom especially if she’s going to need an extended hospital stay after giving birth. When I gave birth to Trevor I was in the hospital for 2 weeks after giving birth and having some magazines and books on hand were a huge lifesaver.

new mom gift basket

Robe or comfy nursing friendly nightgown: Having comfortable pajamas when you’re recovering makes things a little easier for moms.

Nursing pillow: You guys know how much I love Boppy’s nursing pillows. I included them in my baby registry must haves. A nursing pillow is definitely something that every nursing mama needs.

Disposable postpartum underwear: If you’ve ever had a baby before you know how absolutely horrible that postpartum bleeding is and those bulky pads are much worse. I love these by Frida Mom. They are such a game changer!

Peri bottle: Trust me you need one of these. This design by Frida Mom makes it easy to use.

boppy gift basket
Postpartum Gift Basket
new mom gift basket

There are so many things that you can include in a new mom gift basket. It’s one of the things that I love so much about DIY gift baskets. They are super customizable. You can spend as much or as little as you want on it. It can be personalized with family heirlooms. The possibilities are literally endless.

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