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No Charges Filed In Killing Of Texas Man By Woman Related To San Antonio Spurs’ Managing Partner

Sikes informed police that Gobert was “a friend of a friend” and she was allowing him to reside in her home as a favor. 

Wiggins says this is completely inaccurate. He said Sikes and Gobert had been in a relationship for several months and were living together.

The video shows the moments before Wesley Gobert was killed in a River Oaks neighborhood, but can detectives fill the gaps? His family is hoping so.
— ABC13 Houston (@abc13houston) June 30, 2021

“Clearly this wasn’t some Black guy who just came up and stayed there,” Wiggins said. “This was somebody who actually lived there, who’s actually in a relationship with this young lady.”

Investigators say Sikes asked Gobert to leave the residence and he obeyed her wishes, but then soon returned and threw her to the ground. 

Police said Gobert tried to leave the residence again, but when Sikes got up, she shot the 45-year-old. When police arrived on the scene, Gobert was injured outside of the residence and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Sikes was questioned shortly after the incident, however, at this time she does not face any charges. The case has been referred to a grand jury.

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