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Michigan school district Investigation says there wasn’t any racial bias by employee who cut biracial girl’s hair

In an interview with CNN, Laster said that Hoffmeyer got home on March 24 with a chunk of her hair missing telling her dad that another girl at school cut it. They then had a hairstylist fix her hair by giving her an asymmetrical bob cut that left some of the hair’s length. Two days later, Hoffmeyer got home crying with her hair trimmed short, according to Laster. She said  the librarian had cut her hair while at school. Two other school employees were aware of the incident but didn’t report it, Laster said.

The family says the unauthorized haircut was due to racial bias, Laster says Hoffmeyer’s father reported the incident to the school district and transferred her out after the employee wasn’t fired, she said.
The employee who cut the student’s hair will not be fired, the district said in the statement Friday, however, will “be placed on a ‘last chance’ agreement during which time any future violations will most likely result in termination.”

“We believe a last chance agreement is appropriate given that the employee has an outstanding record of conduct and has never once been reprimanded in more than 20 years of work at MPPS,” the statement said.
The school district added that the two other workers who didn’t report the incident were given written reprimands that will remain in their school file. “It’s clear from the third-party investigation and the district’s own internal investigation that MPPS employees had good intentions when performing the haircut,” the district said. “Regardless, their decisions and actions are unacceptable and show a major lack of judgement.”

The employees involved in the incident have since apologized.” Laster says the family feels victimized again after hearing the results of the investigation were released.

“First the librarian cut her hair without permission, and she suffered traumatically,” Laster told CNN. “She is now in counseling and therapy for a thing that happened to her and is still trying to grow her hair back.”

“The school board only offered a small reprimand, so they feel victimized again,” she said.

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