Maryland family demands prosecutor to release video from fatal shooting killing two men by off-duty pentagon security officer

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A lawyer representing the family of a man fatally shot by an off-duty Pentagon security officer is now demanding prosecutors to release surveillance video of the shooting at the Takoma Overlook condos located in Takoma Park, Maryland. Attorney Malik Shabazz says in the interest of transparency, the  State Attorney John McCarthy should release all images of the shooting of Dominque Williams and James Johnson. However, Ramon Korionoff, a spokesman for the state’s attorney, says he’s unlikely to release the video for months while he prosecutes assault and homicide charges against the police officer according to WUSA 9.

“We’re happy for the charges, but we need to see the nakedness of the brutality that happened in this case and that’s happening right here in the Washington, D.C. area,” Shabazz said.

Detectives with Takoma Park police said the surveillance video is “quite clear” and shows Pentagon police officer David Dixon firing into the back of the car as victims Williams and Johnson were pulling away from the parking lot of the condos.

Officer Dixon reportedly told police that he confronted the men as they were trying to break into a car,  and the pair almost ran him over that’s why he shot them.

McCarthy called the incident murder says if Dixon is convicted of all the charges against him, he could face up to 180 years in prison. A GoFundMe to help support the family has now raised almost $13,000.

 “My son, Dominique Jr., is the oldest,” his mother, Layavonia Turner said. “He’s turning 12 next month, and it’s so hard.”

Shabazz says the Pentagon and the Takoma Overlook condos should have been aware Dixon was dangerous after he was captured on video last May confronting a homeless woman in his lobby with a shotgun and then allegedly spraying her in the face with pepper spray according to the news station.

The previous incident occurred on May 6, 2020, but Takoma Park Police officials said they didn’t become aware of the video until news media published the video last week. After it became public, police added a charge against Dixon of assault in that case.

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