‘Gorilla Glue girl’ Tessica Brown now has a full-time agent

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The Louisiana woman who has been dubbed “Gorilla Glue girl” has taken a step to make her 15 minutes of fame last a bit longer, hiring a celebrity management team including an agent according to New York Post.

40-year-old Tessica Brown has decided to team up with professional fame experts and released her merchandise line, a few days after returning home from hair-saving surgery in Beverly Hills, California.  The mother of five has partnered with Gitonia, who also represents Blac Chyna, Lamar Odom and Tommy Lee and helps clients with product placement, marketing, celebrity management and casting for scripted and reality television.

Brown has teamed up with BMB talent agency, which specializes in branding, social media marketing and endorsements, according to her Instagram page.

Brown was photographed over the weekend wearing a sweatshirt from her new clothing line — featuring a cartoon image of herself. The clothing line includes $28 T-shirts, $50 sweatshirts and $45 sweatpants.

Brown launched the line with posts on social media, saying, “Feeling blessed” — and is already making a “small fortune,” according to TMZ.

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