Getting Real About Education: A Conversation With Black Parents, Teachers and Students

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We recently brought together a group of Black teachers, parents and high school students to talk about their experiences with public schools. We were so struck by what they shared that we created a series of short videos so that you could get a glimpse of their conversation.

Teachers told us their stories of how education chose them. They spoke about why they do the work and what their responsibilities as role models mean to them. They offered thoughts on setting proper expectations for students, parent-teacher relationships and what it’s like to be the only Black educators in a school.

Parents made clear their demand for an educational system designed for them. They discussed the challenge of finding the right school for their child. School discipline came up a lot, with most saying that a highly structured classroom, when done right, contributes to student success.

Students told us how they define a good school: one that challenges them, that helps them when they’re falling behind, one with teachers who truly believe in them.

This video is an overview of a series of focus groups recorded by Education Post in Chicago in 2017 with permission from the participants. See more videos at


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