Flight Attendant Fired By JetBlue After She Claimed She Was Being Held In Jamaica Against Her Will Led to International Scandal

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Collier allegedly was ordered to quarantine for 14 days by the island’s Ministry of Health and Wellness, according to the Miami Herald. Jamaican officials said they allowed her to stay at her hotel free of charge and provided her with meals and everything she needed.

“Now I’m scared because there’s someone there to attack me if I try to leave,” Collier said, adding though her mother was in Jamaica with her, she wasn’t allowed to see her. She went on to detail what she described as a “scary” experience, saying she wanted to go on record because, “God forbid that I’m unable to speak anymore. You guys have this live and you can speak for me.”

The video caused alarmed many on social media and led them to believe Collier had been kidnaped and was a potential victim of sex trafficking. According to the Jamaica Gleaner, the Jamaican Consulate in New York received nearly 100 percent increase in calls about Collier.

“Our calls went from 2,500 per day to between 4,000 and 5,000 per day,” New York Consul General Alsion Wilson told The Gleaner. Jamaican authorities said Collier lied and was never in danger. Collier, however, denied she ever said she was kidnapped or being held against her will.

“I have said a long time ago that I was never missing, nor was I kidnapped. I’ve tried to stay silent because this is something that will be handled legally and because the response to my situation was completely overwhelming,” Collier posted to her Instagram account on Feb. 15.

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