Chicago radio personality raises money for man walking 6 hours a day to work

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A Chicago radio personality became aware of a man who was walking three hours each to and from work after his truck broke down. DJ Ramblin’ Ray Stevens then decided to raise money to help him have reliable car to get to work. Braxton Mayes, 20, has been walking 12 miles one way between the Chicago suburbs of Montgomery and Batavia to get to work ever since his 2006 GMC truck broke down.

The WLS 890 radio personality drove past Mayes a few times seeing him walking, he offered the man a ride then learned of his ordeal. Stevens told Fox 32 Mayes initially said he didn’t need a ride. but he eventually helped him out after learning the distance Mayes was walking would have taken 30 minutes to get their in a car.

“I ended up giving him a ride and we just talked. We talked about football, we talked about his mom and dad and where he worked and I said you know what, maybe I can help you with getting your truck fixed.”

Stevens’ posted a video on his Facebook page on July 9, where the radio personality explained why he wanted to help Mayes. “I was compelled to stop and ask this kid if he needed a ride,” the caption said. “Find a harder working kid. You won’t. He lives in Montgomery works for mosquito joes in Batavia on Fabyan parkway. Man that’s a hike.”

In the video, Stevens explained that he had seen Mayes walking as he was dropping a friend off at a studio. Then he saw him again when he turned around on his way back in the opposite direction.

“He leaves at 4 and walks three hours to get to his job at 7,” Stevens said. “Are you kidding me? This is the stuff movies are made out of, dude.” Stevens said. “We’re gonna help Braxton Mayes get his truck fixed,” he said.

A GoFundMe page for Mayes has since raised over $10,000. Friendly Ford volunteered to fix Mayes’ car, Stevens said in an update on July 12, also announcing that leftover proceeds would be given to the Kane/Batavia food pantry.

“I just want to make sure he has a reliable truck to drive to work every single say,” Eric Schmit of Yackey’s Friendly Ford told ABC7.

Mayes expressed his gratitude telling ABC 7, “It brought me to tears,” adding, “I didn’t know when I would come up with the money to fix it or how many times I would have to walk.”

Stevens provided another update about Mayes’ July 14, writing, “his car has new tires, brakes, suspension parts. Alignment, engine wiring issue fixed, new battery, gassed up tuned up and the work at Friendly Ford continues.”

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