Best 8 Baby Feeding Essentials under $25

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Starting your baby on solid foods will happen a lot faster than you think. The stores are stocked with tons of baby feeding tools to choose from which can be quite confusing. I’m sharing the top 10 baby feeding essentials you need to get started.

Baby Feeding Essentials

When I first started Trevor on solid foods, it was a whole new experience for us. Being a preemie made this milestone a little bit different for us. His development was a little behind but he was adamant about starting solids at 6 months. So like most moms, I followed my baby’s lead and began weaning him from a bottle.

Best 8 Baby Feeding Essentials under $25

I hit the store and bought the most raved about baby feeding tools to try with Trevor. After trying dozens of feeding essentials, I found a few that are absolute must haves.

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baby food storage

Baby Food Storage

Baby food storage options were one of the first things I searched for. I found 2 really great affordable options that worked really well for us. If you have at least one of these options, you’ll be set for starting solids with your baby especially if you plan on making your own food.

OXO TOT Food Storage Blocks: I love these because they’re individual containers that are perfect for preparing food ahead of time. You can freeze or refrigerate them plus they’re microwave and dishwasher safe. The plastic containers are great but they have glass ones too!

WeeSprout Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray: These freezer trays make the perfect gift. I highly suggest adding them to your baby registry if you’re expecting. I used them for storing homemade baby oatmeal and smoothies.

10 Best Baby Feeding Essentials
divided baby plate
divided toddler plate

Eating Utensils

Suction plates: When your baby is old enough to begin feeding themselves, these plates are going to be so useful. I tried a few different brands and the suction wasn’t so great. They come in tons of different colors and shapes. The suction allows the plate not to be moved by your baby so that the food doesn’t get thrown on the floor.

Divided plates: These are so amazing! The dividers allow parents to separate foods of different flavors and textures. In each section, you can introduce a new food to your baby without mixing it with a food you know they already love.

NumNum Spoons: Trevor loved these so much! They were his absolute favorite spoons. We started using them at around 6 months and they were the perfect introduction to eating solids. When he wasn’t eating, they also served as teethers. The textured surface helped to soothe his gums and they were perfect for him to bite on.

baby spoon
10 Best Baby Feeding Essentials

Toddler Spoons: These Kizingo spoons are the best for when your child is ready to start eating solids on their own. The curved designed makes it easier for them to scoop food.

Training Spoons: I love these spoons for teething. I wouldn’t recommend these for feeding however because they are too flexible and will give a lot when your baby is trying to close when eating.

Teething Feeders: These are great for when you’re wanting to introduce new foods to your baby. You can take them on the go. I loved putting blueberries or grapes in here, foods that I necessarily wouldn’t give to Trevor because of the shape. It allowed him to experience the flavor without having to worry about any choking.

baby mesh feeder
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