At Home Date Night Ideas

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At home date nights are quite possibly the best thing to do when you’re stuck in the house or just don’t feel like going out. Keep these tips in mind for your next date night at home.

at home date night ideas

These days it’s so hard for my husband and I to get out. Between my husband’s intense work schedule and opting not to bring in a babysitter due to the pandemic, we have to get creative with our date nights. At home date nights have really been a sweet spot for us. We’re able to spend quality time together while practicing social distancing. And if I’m being honest we like at home date nights a lot because they’re so much easier for us. There’s a lot less moving parts and we have everything we need right at home.

If you’re wanting to get some alone time with your spouse but can’t go out, here’s a few tips for having the perfect date night at home.

at home date night ideas

Date night at home ideas

Have a picnic

Picnics are so much fun and you don’t have to leave your house to have one either. Depending on the weather you can have your picnic indoors or outdoors. Set up a cute little seating area on a nice, thick blanket and make sure you’ve got all of your favorite foods. Spend your time talking or even watching a movie. Since you’re at home there really is no rush to finish up your date. A picnic is a cute way to spend time together and I think you’ll both really love it.

picnic at home
couples game

Play a game

My husband and I are both naturally competitive so game nights are fun for us. We love getting to try out new games together.

Project a movie in the backyard

We recently bought a movie projector so that we could watch movies in our backyard. Having an at home movie night in your backyard is so perfect. You can put up some string lights and even get a fire pit to make it cozy.

Cook a new recipe together

I love cooking so much and it’s one thing that I enjoy doing with my husband. Finding new recipes and cooking together is one of my favorite ways to spend our date night at home. If you’re looking for a recipe to try, this mac and cheese or creamy jerk chicken pasta are a great place to start.

Have a themed date night 

If you’re wanting to get a little adventurous with things, themed date nights are always fun. Pick a theme like Italian or even Star Wars if you’re a fan. Plan your date night around the them. Choose food and table settings that go with the theme. It’s definitely different than the usual dinner and movie at home but it’s so much fun.

date night snacks

DIY together

Last year we started DIYing together. Building things for our home helped us grow closer. Our communication got stronger and it allowed us to be creative together. I love that we can work together to DIY things that bring us joy and turn our house to a home. There are so many easy DIY projects that you can do in just a few hours. DIY abstract art is an easy place to start. If you’re wanting something a little more in depth that you can quick start on date night and finish over the weekend, these barn doors are perfect.

Binge watch your favorite Netflix series

I’ll be honest, this one definitely isn’t my husband’s thing. From what I hear, it’s not for most dads because they fall asleep.

Have a spa night

Spa nights are the perfect at home date night for parents. I mean what parents don’t need a little pampering? Face masks, foot massages, back massages, the works.

date night at home

Tips for the perfect at home date night

Put the kids to bed early

You have got to put those kids to bed early mama or they are going to stay up and troll you the entire date night. Kids love to be the center of attention and if they see that you guys are having a date night and doing something special without them, they are going to do the absolute most. I like to put the kids to bed early, about 30 minutes before their regular bedtime to allow for any antics. If your kids are anything like ours, they are going to get up at least once saying that they are having a hard time falling asleep.

Plan in advance

If you plan most or all of the details in advance and communicate your date night plans with your partner, you can hopefully avoid any hiccups. Things like what time date night will start, what activities you’ll do, food, etc. Try to plan as much as possible in advance so that you don’t have to worry about figuring anything out on the night of. The last thing you want is to sit around trying to figure out what you’re going to do when you’ve got “kid free” time on your hands.

date night at home without kids

Communicate your plans to your kids so there’s no meltdowns when it’s time for date night

Communication is so important, not just with your partner but with your whole family. If your kids are old enough to understand make sure that they know you plan to have a date night at home. If they know that they will be going to bed early ahead of time, they will be less likely to have a meltdown when it’s time to go bed.

Get dressed up

Don’t skimp out on putting in the extra effort just because your date night is at home. Getting dressed up is one of my favorite parts about date night. Both you and your partner should still go the extra mile to look good for each other.

pink Valentine's Day outfit
Don’t forget to grab a cute date night look

Consider ordering takeout

I don’t know about you but the only time I plan on cooking on a date night is if I’m making a special meal for my husband or if we’re cooking together. Typically I like to order takeout because it makes for a less stressful date night.

date night at home
matching pink couples outfit

Perks of at home date nights

Having a date night in your own home has so many perks. I love it because we don’t have to leave our house, it’s a more affordable option for us and the best part is that we don’t have to shell out tons of cash for a babysitter. Of course there’s other perks too but these are just a few of my favorite reasons.

Do you prefer to have date night at home? What are some of your favorite at home date night ideas?

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