Arkansas 4-Year-Old Using His Talents To Urge An End To Gun Violence

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A 4-year-old from Arkansas is sending powerful messages against gun violence through his music, THV11 reports.

Kash “Kashmania” Coullier from Little Rock recently released a cover version of the song Outside by MO3 & OG Bobby Billions. 

“We scared to come outside / Cuz they shooting every night and day / Dear God I pray you make a way / Too much going on in my town kids dying at my age,” Kash raps.

When asked why he’s afraid to leave his house, he cited gun violence as a source of fear.

“Because they were shooting,” Kash said. “I want people to stop the violence.” 

The Arkansas native has been rapping since he was 3 years old, and has taken his talents across the nation, meeting other artists like Boosie and participating in live performances to help spread his message. 

“Most kids don’t really have a real perspective in this world until they get a certain age so no one really listens to them, but they experience the same thing we experience when they’re put in certain situations,” Kash’s father, Carlos “CraftyLos” Coullier, said.

Aside from being an up-and-coming rapper, Kash enjoys Spider-Man, playing with race cars and hopes to be the Green Goblin when he grows up.

“He’s still a kid so we bring his iPad and toys and let him be a kid in the studio,” Carlos said.  

Earlier this year, another young rapper made headlines for sending a message about her experience as a Black girl in Washington, D.C.

“The police were pushing and shoving people in the crowd,” 9-year-old Zyah “Fly Zyah” Brown said of her performance on Election Night that ended because of police intervention. “I lost my family in the mix; we started running.”

She also had to witness her father being placed in handcuffs, a startling sight that gave Zyah a glimpse into discrimination. 

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