Arizona veteran says Goodyear Chick-Fil-A employee made fun of his weight on receipt

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Arizona veteran says an employee at a Chick-Fil-A made of him, alleging a employee printed an offensive phrase on his receipt referencing his weight. The order name was printed ‘2BIGGIE’ at a Chick-Fil-A. The words hold a lot of weight for David Allen, who has been trying to lose some of it according to AZ Family.

“It’s been hard; it’s been really hard,” Allen said. “And to be slapped in the face like this? I served this country just to come home and be treated like this; just disgusting to me.”

Allen says he’s finally turning the corner for weight loss after years of trying, due to mental and physical issues from his time  serving overseas. The Chick-Fil-A order wasn’t for him, it was for his wife, Olymphia. “I couldn’t believe that they would write something like that so publicly and to be just so disrespectful,” she said. Olymphia confronted a manger who told her that the cashier believed the name was ‘BIGGIE’ and the number 2 was for the lane they were in. “She said his name back to him 3 different times, so no there was no miscommunication,” Olymphia said. “The miscommunication came into play because she didn’t think we would receive that receipt.”

The franchise owner told the family that he’s investigating the issue and said the customer’s experience was not acceptable. The owner told the news outlet, that he would meet with the couple. Allen said he will use the insult as motivation to meet his goal of loosing weight. Meanwhile, Allen said he will use the insult as inspiration to meet his goal of living a healthier life. “All I can do is move on one day at a time,” said Allen.

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