Alabama Family Searches For Woman Who Went Missing After Traveling to Germany With A Man She Met Online in 2018

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A family have been searching for a woman who went missing after going to Germany in 2018 with a man she been talking to online. Nicole Denise Jackson, 24, left Alabama in 2018 to meet up with a man she met online. Jackson reportedly communicated with family members initially, however, no one can confirm for sure that they’ve heard from her in approx. two years, since 2019. Once the family had began to put plans together to find Jackson, their efforts were stopped by the global pandemic.

“At the end of 2019, we were trying to make decisions on what we were going to do, and then the pandemic happened,’’ Jackson’s sister Ela Vaughn told Vaughn says she last received a text from her missing sister in 2019, and hasn’t actually heard her voice since Christmas 2018. Jackson’s Instagram account was deleted in 2018, which is not like her, Vaughn said.

Vaughn has been talking to the U.S. Consulate in Munich and filed a missing person report. Officials have an address for Jackson, but haven’t been able to contact her as well. When officials visited the address on file, no one lived there.

“We have attempted communication with Ms. Jackson via the contact information we have available from state department records but have not been able to reach her thus far. Per previous recommendations, we strongly advise you to contact the German authorities directly to file a missing person’s reports or obtain information on your sister’s whereabouts,” officials told

Jackson was going to Germany to pursue a music career and told family she was going to school there because it would be free.

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