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A Comprehensive Shopping Checklist » coco bassey


It’s currently snow storming in New York City today, so what better time than now to chat about winter accessories?

Since moving up north from Atlanta last year, my consideration of winter accessories and winterwear has taken on a whole new meaning. Unlike down south where a cute trench coat and Chelsea boots would’ve had me covered — this year, I really need functional winter pieces that do the heavy-lifting job of keeping me warm and dry… with still looking stylish being an added bonus! Have you guys stocked up on your accessories already? If not, here’s a checklist you can run through to make sure you’re covered (literally!) on the snowiest of days.

1. knit beanies & earwarmers

Acne Studios

keep your hair dry, and ears warm with this beanie! it comes in a bunch of colors (i own it in grey!), and the knit is super thick and warm — so you can definitely make this the one staple winter hat you own.


2. oversized scarves


i love oversized scarves because they’re so easy to layer up and drape however you like, to maximize warmth. this one’s a beautiful one, especially if you’re as much a lover of chloé’s designs as i am.


3. gloves & mittens


UGGs for your hands! plus, these are touchscreen-compatible so you don’t have to take them off to use your phone. how’s that for the perfect pair of gloves?


4. wooly socks

Brother Vellies

not to be dramatic, but these are the best damn socks your money will buy you this winter. they’re thick, high enough to double as leg-warmers… and they’re created by a black-owned brand that i love.


5. HEATTECH layers


heattech is an innovative material from UNIQLO that generates, traps and retains heat — making their pieces perfect for layering under your favorite sweater or jeans. an absolute must in any winter wardrobe!


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