10-Year-Old Helped Her Mother Give Birth At Home

A Missouri 10-year-old is been hailed a hero for helping her pregnant mom give birth to her baby sister at home. Miracle Moore, mother Viola Fair went into labor at home on October 22, about 3 weeks before her due date. The 30 year-old was in pain and there wasn’t enough time to take her to the hospital, so she told her daughter to call 911.

“Hi, I think my mom is in labor,” Miracle told dispatcher Scott Stranghoener, according to Today. While help was on the way, Miracle followed all the instructions from the dispatcher and told them to her mother during the call which lasted almost 11 minutes.

At some point during the call Miracle can be heard saying, “She’s coming! She’s coming! She’s here! … Her head is here!”

Miracle’s  baby sister Jayla, came out before the paramedics came. The 30-year-old mother says she was so proud of Miracle for helping her.

“It was definitely a miracle because once I had the baby, she came out, I couldn’t really grab her and pick her up and then Miracle came and she wrapped her up in a towel,” Fair told KSDK. “She wiped her off and rubbed her back a little bit so she could cry. So, she was really helpful. I am very thankful.”

Once the paramedics arrived and brought Viola and Jayla to a hospital. Both the mother and baby were deemed healthy.

Since the miracle, Miracle was  honored in a ceremony where she was given 2 awards for bravely helping deliver her baby sister.

“We have a set of protocols that we follow, and she followed all of my instructions to a ‘T’ and did an amazing job,” he said. “A few minutes later, we had another baby girl in the house.”


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